Sossi soya Cooking Secret tips


Sossi's textured soya protein (80%) is manufactured with natural soya beans. Sossi Classic flavour(20%) seasoning powder does not contain any meat products. Sossi is vegan friendly which means that it can be eaten by anyone including vegetarians. Some secret tips while cooking sossi:

  • If you like your Sossi tasty soya pieces to have a crispy harder texture try drying them in a little cooking oil for two minutes before adding them to your dried onion and tomato sauce.
  • Always soften your Sossi tasty soya piece in your dried onion and tomato sauce and not in water as pure water has no flavor. As the soya protein pieces dry out the sauce, add water to regain the desired wetness. This way all the flavor of your sauce will penetrate and soften your Sossi pieces.

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