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What do you think of dining in a cave, stalactites looking down on you, surrounded by walls embedded with fossil shells? Sounds exciting, right? Then Ali Barbours Cave Restaurant in Diani Beach – South of Mombasa is the place.

These caves were formed in coral limestone over half a million years ago and have been gradually modified by tidal action, since then, together with the assistance of George Barbour – the owner of the land where the caves sit.

The entrance to the cave complex is a bar area, covered with makuti –palm tree branches- roof, which is supported by a gum tree.  From this point, two lower dining caves are revealed. These open up to an African starry night sky.


The interior of these caves carries cleverly hidden lights along its wall, creating a truly romantic aura. From his family name, George had the bright idea of calling the place Ali Barbour’s (Baba’s) Cave, after the famous tale. There is also a beach bar here known as Fourty Thieves. This is a wonderful open air restaurant, with sandy floors, that is located on the beach front.

The waiters wear baggy trousers, which are held tight at the ankles. One would be forgiven to think that they are in a film shooting of  Ali Baba.

The cuisine at the cave is international, though focus is given to sea food. Smoked prawns are listed as tasty starters, just as are mushrooms stuffed with seafood pate, which are then deep fried. Often, Ali Barbour’s Cave serves a main course of Sea and Star – beef and crustacean grilled and topped with demiglasse sauce; or Lobster Diani which is served with prawn and mushroom sauce topped with cheese.


 Ali Barbour's Cave is thought to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old. Situated about 30km south of Mombasa and 200m back from the high water mark, it compromises a series of interlinking chambers at depths of up to 10m below ground level.

A specialty of Ali Barbour’s Cave is home made lime sorbet, which is served between courses and is meant for cleansing the palate. The cave serves a beautiful range of desserts. There is something for everyone here. Even vegetarians are catered for. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant’s wine list is all inclusive and wide.

This restaurant is located along a beach front on the Diani Beach- along Diani Beach Road. It is advisable that one makes reservations, as the Cave is often full. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is only open for evening dinner.

 Address: P.O. Box 53, Ukunda 80400, Kenya
Tel: +254 40 3202033
Tracy: +254 720 843585
Florence: + 254 710 171 303
Fax: +254 40 3202223
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Tracy +254 720 843585
Florence + 254 710 171 303
Fax: +254 40 3202223
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